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Dolphin Bay resort offers many tour and exploration opportunities. Come aboard our boat for scuba diving and snorkeling, and other exciting tours. We provide scuba diving & snorkeling tours, fishing, Rock Island tour, Peleliu Island tour, Anguar Island tour & Jellyfish Lake tour.

"Diving" Visit our Diving information.



Snorkeling the coral reefs and walls from the dive boat

Snorkelers can join the dive boat. During the diving, snorkelers can enjoy snorkeling the walls or coral gardens. We usually offer a day of 2 tank dives,therefore snorkelers can enjoy 2 or 3 different places for easy and excellent snorkeling.

RockIsleBluerock island beach

Rock island & Snorkeling tours

For snorkelers only, we offer two different snorkeling spots and lunch on one of the beautiful rock island beaches.

beach & coconutDolphins

Snorkeling & Dolphin Bay Tour

Special Snorkelers Tour: After stopping at two snorkeling sites, we can check out the Dolphin Bay area to see if the resident pod of spinner dolphins is around. If so, we will have a chance to see the dolphins racing through the water, spinning up in the air, and jumping in unison. Then we can have lunch at the one of the beautiful white sand rock island beaches.


Jellyfish Lake Tour

We cruise through the rock islands, then a short walk through the jungle to the unique marine lake where we can snorkel with millions of stingless jellyfish.

This is the only place in the world where people can swim with harmless jellyfish! After exploring Jellyfish Lake, we stop by another snorkeling spot and have lunch on a beautiful rock island beach.



If you wish to spend a day fishing, join our fishing boat to catch some local fresh fish!
Trolling or Casting or Bottom fishing, the choice is yours!

Anguar Island Tour

Anguar is located across from the southern tip of Peleliu island, a 20 minute boat ride from Peleliu South Dock. Anguar Island has exotic flowers and hardwood trees, wild monkeys brought by Germans years ago, and also WWII historical sites remaining in the jungle. Explore the island by bicycle or car with a tour guide.

U.S. tanker

Peleliu Island Tour

Peleliu is a very historical island. It is the site of a famous WWII battle. We have the only WWII museum in Palau, memorials remembering the fallen soldiers, and lots of sites, caves, and war wreckage remaining in the jungle.
You can explore the island with a local historian guide, or on your own by bicycle.


Bicycle and Kayak Rental

We have bicycles available for our guests to explore the island, pick up the island map and land permit($3.00) at our shop.

Kayaks are available for the guests to paddle around the small rock island in front of our resort, snorkel to see the small colorful fish and coral, or enjoy fishing.

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